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Translated and Commented by Nguyen Giac
This book is dedicated to:

- my three teachers -- The Zen Master Thich Tich Chieu, and the late Dharma Masters Thich Thien Tam and Thich Tai Quang; 
- all my parents in this life and other lives; 
- a very special layperson who is urgently needing help from Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva; and all sentient beings.

I am grateful to a lot of Zen monks and laypersons who translated the verses composed by ancient Vietnamese Zen Masters into the modern Vietnamese language, and made reference easy for later generations. Specifically, I am indebted to the Zen Masters Thich Thanh Tu, Tri Sieu Le Manh That and to layperson Tran Dinh Son, whose works I relied on while working on this book. 

(Extracted from a book in progress. 
Please feel free to use for reference purposes.
All suggestions are welcome. Email: -- California, 2006)
1 Sitting
2 Learning 
3 Breathing
4 Wisdom
5 Taming the mind
6 Watchful
7 The Spring
8 Dharma Friends
9 The Treasure
10 Emptiness
11 The Present
12 Not Two Things
13 Swallow Flying
14 The Mind of Emptiness
15 Buddha Seed
16 Bodhi Scenes
17 Existence and Emptiness
18 True Nature
19 Crossing the Ocean
20 Empty Mind
21 Mind Teachings
22 The Way of Patriarchs
23 Weird Thing
24 The Sun
25 The Moon Shining
26 Illusory Body
27 Inaction
28 Like an Echo
29 Wordless
30 Zen
31 Be awakened
32 Butterflies
33 Be wise
34 Originally Emptiness
35 The Iron Girl
36 Birth and Death
37 In Front of Your Eyes
38 Echo in Sky
39 Nowhere
40 Cessation
41 At Home
42 The True Body
43 Leaving the World
44 Illusions
45 Song of the Buddha Mind
46 All Phenomena
47 The Great Way
48 Daisies
49 Seeing the Buddha
50 Bodhi
51 Manifesting
52 Following the Emptiness
53 Dharma Heir
54 Nothing Attainable
55 The Highest
56 Mind Only
57 The Serene Mirror
58 Practice
59 Going Home
60 Six Words
61 The Mind Seal.
62 This Land, This Mind.
63 Fire.
64 The Rise and Decline.
65 Illusory.
66 Being Luminous.
67 Like a Dragon.
68 Stone Horse.
69 Not for Profit.
70 Not a Word.
71 Outside the Scriptures.
72 Foolish.
73 Tathagata.
74 Dharma of Equality.
75 Urgently Practice.
76 Encouraging.
77 At Ease with Birth and Death.
78 At the Mountain Cottage, Feeling Inspired.
79 Message.
80 Mountain Temple.
81 Sitting Still.
82 Always There.
83 Sun of Wisdom.
84 Seeking the Mind.
85 The Lamp.
86 Going Home.
87 Seeing the Nature.
88 The Buddhas Within.
89 The Three Studies.
90 The ‘What Is’.


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